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One of the new traditions of Norwich Shul is that on Rosh Hashanah, congregants are invited onto the Bimah with Daniel to blow the shofar.  Last year I think we had 3 or 4 shofar blown together, creating a sound and spiritually wonderful sound which everyone enjoys.

This year we continued the tradition when Daniel was accompanied by shofar blowers, Paul Stein and Gerhart Blohm an infrequent but welcome visitor to Norwich.

Gergart blew a magnificent black shofar, one handed and very loud and clear enthralling the congregation.  After the Shofar blowing on the second day Gerhart showed off some of his magnificent shofar collection.  He really is a shofar fanatic.

After Yom Kippur Gerhart decided to give a beautiful Shofar to the Norwich Hebrew Congregation together with lovely letter (see text below)

Photos  – Gerhart with the shofar he has donated and below a close up of the shofar.

Gerhart’s letter:

Dear Nick & Daniel,

What a pleasure and honour it was and will be to sound the shofar in your synagogue.  I am thankful and grateful being in Norwich located and joining in a bit more regularly; except my work shift roster is an obstacle.  

The shofar and my talent or gift to make them sound, delights my heart as we are calling unto the heavens to hear our humble voices. What a delight and and experience it must of been to hear this sound descending and surrounding Mount Sinai, the rumbling voice of the sound of the shofar; even the heavenly host recognises this sound – really amazing.

This last morning visit something touched my heart and believe the time has come to present you and your congregation with this exceptional rams horn shofar to supplement the shout to the heavens here on earth.

This shofar started for me all of and the sound or tunes which touched my heart, the sparkle has never left.  May it be acceptable for you and bring blessings into your synagogue.  May I pray that the sound will touch the heavens, pouring out provision and blessings from on high for your congregation.

It comes from my heart and love with love and I do hope you will find the delight and everlasting joy.  Lots of love to you all. Gerhart Blohm. 30th Sept 2017, 10 Tishrei 5778

Our very sincere thanks and appreciation to Gerhart for his immensely kind gesture in giving the NHC this magnificent Shofar.  We do not want to wish our lives away, but we are now looking forward to next Rosh Hashanah to hear it blown again.