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Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis addressed the Congregation last Wednesday 29th March 2017

 This was the first visit of a Chief Rabbi to Norwich since 1969 and as Rev Daniel Rosenthal pointed out this was certainly a good way to fill up the Shul.

In an interview reported in the Eastern Daily Press he said “in the UK I am so impressed with all the communities we have, and in Norwich we have a wonderful example of a relatively small community doing amazing things. I have been looking forward to coming to tell them how impressed I am and meeting all the people because to me every person is important, not just every Jewish person, every human being.”

In an engaging and moving address he spoke about his work as Chief Rabbi and about his hopes for the Jewish community and the wider world. On the very day that our Prime Minister had committed us to leaving the European Union he spoke about how we as Jews do not have to choose either alone or together and how we have always tried to be both. He is a consummate communicator and he did indeed individually meet every one of the 60 or so members of the Congregation present that evening.


Peter Prinsley
After the Chief Rabbi’s address our President Marian Prinsley presented him with two books to mark the occasion.







Chief Rabbi with the Shul Trustees and members of the Committee