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Very best wishes to members and friends below who have had some time in hospital recently and we wish them all well and hope they feel better in the forthcoming Spring.

Leonard Munter, Nick Carpenter, Francis Chalmers, Sheila Philips, Paul Stein and Sylvia Irvine.  Apologies if I have omitted anyone.

Harold Warren is now living at Cavell Court (Cringleford) and looking good. Please pop in as he would appreciate your visit but please avoid his lunchtime from 12.30 to 1.30pm.

Hannah Goldfinch who is doing a Computer Games Art and Design degree at the Norwich University of the Arts has presented one of her imaginative projects to the Synagogue. It is a framed illustration of an orthodox Jewish astronaut’s character helmet design in 3D computer graphics. Something very different and we are pleased to have it.  Hannah used to help with the Cheder.

Rebecca Possener has been offered a place at Cambridge, subject to A level results and one of her subject areas is to be Hebrew.  Good luck with all that revision Rebecca and well done.