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30 May, 2017
7:00 pm

Shavuot will be celebrated this year with simultaneous services – an Orthodox one in the Synagogue led by Rev. Daniel Rosenthal and a Liberal one in the Communal Hall led by Rabbi Roderick Young.

Both services will start at 7.00pm and the congregations will join together at the end for cheesecake and a Tikkun.

Tikkun means preparation – preparation for receiving the Torah which is the celebration of Shavuot.  We will have four short classes of study organised by Daniel and Roddy from the NHC and Annie from the NJLC.  The classes will be fun, informative and full of discussion!

We will have four sessions together:

“Becoming a Jew by choice” with Kim Greenacre

“The importance of interfaith links and where we go from here” with Annie Henriques

“Does Holiness define what it means to be a Jew?” with Daniel Rosenthal

“Amid the Alien Corn – The Book of Ruth as a powerful text for Healing” with Roderick Young


Hag Sameah, Gut Yom Tov, Happy Holiday and see you there!

Remember also Wednesday 31st May 10 am Shevuot service in the Synagogue.

We hope to see a good crowd attending.