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Services are held each Shabbat morning and are traditional in style, using the Singer’s Prayer Book. The service commences at 10.00am and is followed by a Kiddush when any visitor is made welcome.  All Jewish festivals are celebrated and there is a Communal Seder each year. A weekly Cheder for the children of the community is held each Sunday morning during normal school term times. For further details please email us.

Services are taken by our Minister, Daniel Rosenthal

Whatever your background NHC welcomes visitors to a Shabbat morning Service. We ask that you contact the synagogue prior to your visit so that we can provide you with a mentor or guide who is member of the community. We can arrange your visit for a mutually convenient date when we can guide you through the Shabbat service which is recited in Hebrew.  Your guide will explain the service.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to a service or seminar about Judaism.

Contact us by email if you wish to come to a service, please leave a brief message and your contact telephone number so that we can arrange your visit.

Synagogue Guide – Attending a Service

To help you understand and respect our traditions:

  • Men cover their head, skullcaps (kippah in Hebrew) are available to borrow in the entrance vestibule.
  • Men sit in the central section.
  • Women sit either side.
  • A family area with mixed seating is permitted on the back two rows.
  • Our Torah, The Five Books of Moses are kept in the “Ark” (Aron Kodesh in Hebrew)
  • The Torah Scrolls (Sefer Torah in Hebrew) are hand written, the text being the basis of Jewish Law and Teachings.
  • Please stand when the Ark is open.
  • We keep our Prayer Book (Siddur in Hebrew) in the bookcase to the rear.
  • Our Minister will usually help you follow the service by informing you of the page number.
  • In general we do not kneel, bow or clasp our hands in prayer.
  • Please dress smartly/respectively and keep your mobile phone switched off.