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Desmond and I lived in Cromer with our parents, Ann and Henry Levine, before moving to Norwich in 1955. Their first memories of the Synagogue were the Hanukah parties in the early 50’s and queuing up for Hanukah geld sixpenny pieces given by Abe Cohen.

The Jewish children living in Cromer then consisted of Desmond and Leona, cousins Vivien, Victor and Sam Levine, Max and Linda Geller and Judith and Peter Salinson. Rev. Greenberg came over on his motorbike to take the chedar classes.

In 1955 when they had moved to Norwich, Desmond went to Town Close School. After his Bar Mitzvah (the social side of which was organised by Aunty Rose Ecker at the Samson & Hercules) Desmond attended Bishop’s Stortford College. Whilst there Desmond enjoyed literature and music and was in several school plays. School completed he came back to Norwich to enter the book trade and worked in Jarrolds Education Department for several years, which suited his love of literature. Later he moved into the family business of Jewelers and Silversmiths, first in Castle Street and then in London Street. Desmond enjoyed acting and appeared in several plays with the Cringleford Players.

Desmond and Diana were married in Norwich Synagogue in 1981. They were later divorced but remained very good friends. Desmond retired from business in 1992 in order to write a book, which sadly he never finished. He spent more time listening to music and reading which was his passion and he was very knowledgeable on these subjects.

Desmond had been on the Synagogue committee and was secretary for several years and he also served on the NISS committee. When he died he was a Trustee of the Synagogue.

He was, in the nicest possible way, a slightly eccentric character, who loved to hold your attention on any subject dear to his heart. The members of the Synagogue will, I am sure, miss him in his bowler hat he used to wear on solemn occasions, and straw hat and shorts that he always sported at the Synagogue garden parties! He will be sadly missed by his relatives and friends.

Leona Levine