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We heartily congratulate Marian, once again, on another honour she has received. She has just been appointed a Deputy Lieutenant of Norfolk, for the Norwich region. Despite all her work as Sheriff, she has still carried out her work for the Synagogue and I am sure she will continue to do so with this new honour. Much mazel tov to you, Marian.
The world seems to be suffering like the Egyptians suffered prior to the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. This year there has been a plague of locusts in Africa, unprecedented rains in the west of England, fires in Australia and a possible virus pandemic. Perhaps this year when we gather together for our Seder services we can not only remember the 10 plagues sent to free the Israelites from Egypt, but the suffering of many other people who have had to endure these great difficulties today.

We thank our member, Jonathan Kendal, who has forwarded us some advice from a Rabbi at a London Synagogue, as to protecting ourselves at communal gatherings from the possible risk of the coronavirus. The advice is not intended to panic people, but it follows the Public Health England advice. We will provide some anti-bacterial gel in the foyer of the Synagogue for use by members and visitors plus anti-bacterial hand wash in the toilets. This, the Rabbi feels, satisfies both a civic responsibility and a Jewish one of looking after our physical well-being.

There are three communal events during the coming two months, Purim with the reading of the Megillah, the consecration of the memorial for the medieval bones and the communal Seder. Maureen and I wish everyone
chag sameach.