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Wow! Over thirty children at the Hanukkah party at the shul. The most we’ve had for many years. Deborah Carpenter who organised the variety show, after the lighting of a tableful of Hanukkiahs, had put together a lovely entertainment from the youngest—a two-year old violin player, with his mother, Juliana to the Rosh Chodesh lady singers with a song about Hanukkah, plus a live dreidl! (Sarah Carpenter) and of course, the food – contributed by many. Congratulations to Deborah and her family for their hard work. An interesting fact, Juliana’s son is playing a 1/64th size violin!

Rosh Chodesh Singers
Menorah Lighting

Afterwards we went down to the Forum to welcome Rabbi Kaye from Manchester with his family who lit the Hanukkiah, with Peter’s help, for a big crowd. A lovely event.