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2019 ended on a high with a communal Hanukkah party organised by Deborah Carpenter which was extremely well attended, the hall was full with members, friends and relations including about 30 young children. Afterwards many of us went down to the Forum where there was a public lighting of an extra large Hanukkiah by Rabbi Kaye from Manchester. We were pleased to welcome too the Lord Mayor and our own Sheriff, Marian. Throughout the year we have a Sabbath morning service which has regular attendees but some weeks we have failed to gain a minyan. It would be very helpful if more families could attend, perhaps once a month, thus swelling the congregation. We are very grateful to Joel Drouet for his generous gift to our library of a set of the Soncino Talmud Bavli (Babylonian Talmud) in English. In December we held a meeting to show members the details of the proposed improvements that are planned for the synagogue complex. We were very disappointed that many of you did not attend as you have all contributed greatly to our fundraising. However if you do wish to see the latest plans or discuss the project please contact me and arrangements can be made. We are hoping to receive some quotations to our tenders in a few weeks’ time which is exciting. I am pleased to announce that Daniel, our Minister, has been appointed as a part time Chaplain to the Prison service based at Norwich and he will undertake these duties in tandem with his commitment to the synagogue. We wish him every success with this new venture. I wish you all a successful, healthy and peaceful 2020.