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The demanding task of satisfying the spiritual needs of ones community takes many gifts and many different kinds of talent – hence the importance of our shared collective responsibility, because none of us has all the gifts but each of us has some. We all count; and we each have a unique contribution to make. In this regard I take the opportunity of thanking those who have in some way supported the community over the past year, in whatever way you have.
There is a lot more that we can do together, and a lot more that we must do together in order to achieve our religiously compelling legitimate aim as a community. In this respect it saddens me to have to say that our weekly attendance levels at Shabbat services continues to be poor, and for the most part, we have been unable to sustain our weekly “Minyan”. This is
not an incidental point, but one that I believe needs urgent consideration. We are all familiar with the tenets of our faith which sets out the standards and mini mum requirements for acts of worship. If our members continue to be dis-engaged and dis-interested in supporting our minyan we need to be asking ourselves why this is so??
Typically we make space in our lives for the very things which we consider to be meaningful to us.

Perhaps we need to establish what our members really want, really need, and really expect of us, so that we can provide them with the kind of spiritual menu that will excite and commit them into attending and supporting our Services.

With blessings,