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The Norfolk branch decided to hold a birthday tea and were very pleased that the Synagogue was happy to host it.

We had lots of sandwiches, tea and biscuits, and a magnificent birthday cake made by Poppy, showing the CCJ anniversary logo, a large open tent with a quotation from Psalm 119,  “How good it is to dwell together”. Not only did it look splendid but it was absolutely delicious and was very much appreciated by our guest of honour – Canon Andrew White – who cut the first slice for himself from the corner, “because it has the most icing”.!












Andrew White – also known as ‘the Vicar of Baghdad’ and, indeed, as ‘the Rabbi of Baghdad. – has been one of the foremost negotiators for peace in the Middle East. He has brought together the most unlikely people such as Ariel Sharon and Yasser Arafat and has written many accounts of his experiences in Israel and in Iraq. He was responsible for the Alexandria Declaration and copies of that and all his books are on line. A man of immense personal courage, he now battles multiple sclerosis with the same insouciance as he once faced Isis and we all willed him to hold the line when he promised Marian he’d try return next year to Norwich shul where he clearly felt at home.







Andrew always draws a large crowd and the shul hall was absolutely full of appreciative guests. We have a very friendly branch and all members of NHS are urged to come along to our events. The next is on 13th December at 7.00 p.m. in the House of Prayer on Fishergate, a Chanukah/Christmas celebration – Marsha will light the chanukiah and there will be lots of latkes – do come.

Bee KornCCJ President, Norfolk Branch