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NHC Cheder and friends  started the year with our changing seasons, PJ Library, Shehekiaynu party.  Our theme was the story Joseph Had a Little Overcoat, the title of a 1999 book by Simms Taback that won the 2000 Caldecott Medal. 


The main character is Joseph, a  Jewish farmer, who has a little striped overcoat. When it is old, Joseph makes it into a little jacket and so on until he makes it into a button. Then Joseph loses the button and makes a story out of it. The moral of the story is “you can always make something out of nothing.”  Bal Tashchit.

The children put together their own lunch.  We had such a good time that there was no time left to make something out of nothing with materials destined for the bin. 


Three photos below show,  The story acted out, Lunch, and our youngest members having an ice cream together.