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Living until almost the age of 98, it was inevitable that people would remark “Mark had a good innings.”  However a good innings is not just how long you “occupy the crease”, but what you accomplish when there.  Mark had a truly excellent innings.

Mark’s story started in the East End of London where he was raised in the Jewish faith.  This gave him his moral compass as he lead a decent, honest, loyal, humerous, knowledgable, hard-working, caring and sharing life.  Mark was a member of numerous synagogues during his life, most recently at Norwich.  Mark’s sense of humour, tolerance and loyalty is well-illustrated by his lifetime’s commitment to supporting West Ham United!  He first went to Upton Park in the 1920s and supported them ever since.  As a result all the family will continue to be forever blowing bubbles!  World War II resulted in him joining the army and serving in the Devonshire regiment.  He fought in Gibraltar, Italy and Greece.  After being de-mobbed and back in the East End, he went to a dance and met a beautiful young lady still in her military uniform.  This was Sybil Levin and within weeks they announced their engagement, were married a few months later, and in due course, two babies arrived.  Mark had a successful career working for the Ford Motor Company as a Systems Analyst which saw him frequently travel to Germany where he built up strong working relationships and friendships

He was a loving father, an amazing grandfather and a devoted husband to Sybil.  They were married 65 years, and were each other’s best friend.  In Mark’s own words, they only had one argument and it lasted for 65 years!  They were lucky to have enjoyed a lengthy retirement in Sheringham, somewhere Mark and Sybil hugely enjoyed living, particularly when they were visited by their grandchildren.  He leaves a son,  Steven and a daughter, Susan, five adult grandchildren and one great grand daughter.  If clouds do have silver linings, it’s now appropri-te that Mark be alongside Sybil for eternity.

May they rest in peace.

From members of Mark’s family