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We have been fortunate to acquire a limited number of copies of a wonderful 84 page, A5 booklet, produced by The United Synagogue, called “Dream & Destiny – 120 years of Zionist History”.  This booklet commemorates seven major milestones in Zionist history over the past 120 years, the anniversaries of which, we will be celebrating this coming year (a picture of the front cover is shown below.

This booklet contains reflections from the Chief Rabbi on the significance of these milestones,as well as essays written by Rabbis, Rebetzen and Educators, which are accompanied by some particularly evocative images.






The topic covered are:

  • The first Zionist Congress in 1897
  • The 1917 Balfour Declaration
  • Liberation of Jerusalem in 1917
  • 1947 Exodus Ship
  • 1947 Partition Plan
  • The Six Day War of 1967 and
  • The Begin-Sadat peace accords in 1977

If you would like to acquire one of these splendid booklet for only £5 per copy, please email treasurer@norwichsynagogue.org.uk to reserve yours today.