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Your President and I continue to work hard raising funds for this important project and have met with further funding success.  To date we have either donated or pledged some £279,000 being 72% of our original target.  So a big thank you to all concerned who have either donated or helped with the fund raising.  However, we still need  £106,000 before we can start work next spring.

We will shortly be sending out a funding email appeal.  Many of you have already contributed so please do not discard this email when it arrives but forward it on to your friends and relatives and ask them to read it and consider making a small donation towards our funding.  There is a donate now button within the email or donations can be made via this website or by contacting the treasurer directly.

Along the way Marian and I have met and spoken to many very helpful people some of whom have come up with new and  interesting ideas for both the funding and project itself.  This includes people from Pinner congregation who visited Norwich a few months back who we greatly impressed by our rich heritage.   Probably the best idea being to expand the project from merely hall refurbishment and creation of a Jewish Community centre but to home in and feature the long and rich Jewish heritage of the Jews in Norwich.  Thus the project is now called “The Norwich Jewish Community & Heritage Centre”.

In pursuing this new aim we have met with curators and management at Norwich Castle Museum who have agreed to partner us in our endeavour to create a Jewish Community and Heritage Centre at the synagogue on Earlham Road .  They will be helping us in various different ways to make this enlarged project a reality.  Marian and I have applied to the Heritage Lottery Fund and have past the first stage and will shortly be meeting them at their Cambridge offices.  As well as developing interesting displays for the Hall and Synagogue we hope to develop a guided “Jewish Norwich Walk” as well as a booklet on Jewish Norwich for visitors to the city.