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Dear Congregants and Friends

We are leading a fund raising initiative from the Congregation, from its friends and from charities to complete the renewal of the Communal Hall. We are now asking for your help.

Realistic plans to create a Modern Jewish Centre have been devised by the Norwich Architect, David Marris, whose imaginative drawings are on display in the Shul Hall. The existing space is to be cleverly adapted to create a building fit for its modern purpose.

Our target is £400,000. We are already half way there! Local charitable trusts have been extraordinarily generous. Town Close Trust £50,000, Geoffrey Watling Trust £ 30,000,Paul Basham Trust £ 20,000. That’s pretty impressive for Non Jewish charities and for which we are most grateful.

We already have some significant pledges from a number of our Congregants and we have active fund raising plans. We have received generous donations from some small Jewish Charities.

Wise predecessors had the foresight to build our beautiful Shul.  Please join us in continuing this tradition and in ensuring a lasting Jewish legacy for our children and for the people of East Anglia.

With very best wishes and kind regards

Nick Simons and Marian Prinsley